Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

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Perfect for use with a renewable heat source, a carefully designed underfloor heating system offers high efficiency, and maximum cosiness from the ground up.



Underfloor heating is also extremely discrete. With nothing showing above floor level, it does not interfere with either your living space or your décor. This leaves you free to make the most of every square foot of your floor and wall space.

It is also a cost effective option. Although installation costs are generally higher than traditional heating methods, underfloor heating’s superior efficiency means that your running costs will be significantly lowered so the ongoing savings on your energy bills quickly outweigh your higher initial outlay

Underfloor heating is even a practical option. It can be used with most types of floors and floor coverings. It is also suitable for use with all sorts of wet central heating systems. It is easy to install and gives you a number of usage options. It can be installed throughout your house, on one level only or in individual rooms. It can be used alone or combined with radiators or other heating systems elsewhere in your home.


Hot water delivered to the underfloor heating manifold from the heat source is blended until the correct temperature is reached. In most boiler-fed systems this will be between 40˚C and 55˚C but in a heat pump system can be as low as 30˚C, increasing the efficiency of the heat pump. Hillside will always take into account the heat source when designing a system and specify the flow temperature needed for each room to maintain comfort levels.

Integrating renewables


Underfloor heating is the perfect partner for low temperature heat sources such as heat pumps as it allows the technology to perform at maximum efficiency. There are many possible configurations that may include underfloor heating with a heat pump, solar thermal, storage, preheat cylinder, as well as a number of ergonomic control options.

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