Magnetic Filter & Power Flushing

A magnetic filter improves heating health and efficiency by eliminating system sludge

  • Collects iron oxide sludge via magnet
  • Easy to remove and clean without draining the system
  • The maintenance contract includes annual cleaning of the magnetic filter
  • Protects the heating system for its entire life

Installing a magnetic filter to your heating system is the only way to protect against sludge, providing your system is correctly serviced annually and is topped up with inhibitors. If your system is too far gone and has sludge build up, the only way forward is to power flush your system. Costing from £350 depending on system size, you can expect great results! We strongly advise to install a magnetic for an all round solution, but this is money well invested!


Power Flush




  • Usually performed before installation of a new boiler
  • Ideal when iron oxide sludge has reduced the performance of your system
  • It won’t fix a badly designed system, but it will get your heating working as efficiently as the day it was installed.
  • From Only £350+VAT

Cleaning rust, sludge, limescale and corrosive deposits from your heating system is a straightforward process that improves efficiency, leading to energy savings and system longevity. A powerflush is recommended especially on fitting a new boiler and will reduce the chance of leaks and other maintenance costs to your pipes and radiators. This simple service fulfils boiler warranty requirements and can also eliminate other issues such as noise from the boiler and pump, radiator cold spots and fluctuating hot water temperature.

After connecting a powerflush machine to either the radiator tails, the boiler, or a standard circulator pump coupling, one of our engineers will flush cleansing chemicals through your heating system at high velocity. Depending on the size and state of the pipes the process usually takes between 4-8 hours, and once complete will restore full circulation of water throughout your system.

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