Boiler & Central Heating Installation

Designing and installing heating systems for 35 years. We’ll give you what you need at a fair price

  • 60% of a home’s energy bills are down to the boiler. An efficient new boiler could save you £300 a year or 1,220kg of CO2.
  • Correctly sizing your boiler and heating system to your home is essential to saving you money, we’ll make sure your new heating system shapes up!
  • Our renewables team can install ground/air source heat pumps or solar thermal panels to marry with a properly designed underfloor heating system.

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Building on 35 years of dedicated heating services, our professional, experienced and fully certified engineers will ensure you get the right system for your property and your wallet. This means finely balancing the building’s size and use against the efficiency and performance of a new heating system. Once this is calculated we can tailor a system to suit your budget.

We all want to do our bit to help the environment, and the savings made by installing a future proof heating solution contribute to the conservation of precious commodities, and lower utilities bills. Thats why we at Hillside believe that a heating system should use only use the fuel it needs to keep your property feeling toasty and warm in the winter, and give you all the hot water you need year round. A carefully designed and installed system will give you many years of trouble free running and won’t waste heat unnecessarily, guaranteeing heat security when it’s needed most.

All our gas safe certified engineers ensure installations are always performed to the highest standard, as 35 years of family run success demonstrates. We understand the value of prompt, precise and personal service and our guarantees reflect this commitment.

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